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Teracue XPlayer-100


XPlayer-100 is Teracue's software based LIVE stream viewing application. It enables professional viewing of MPEG-2 SD/HD and H.264 LIVE streams directly on PCs and laptops.

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XPlayer-100 is Teracue IPTV player software based LIVE stream viewing application. It enables professional viewing of MPEG-2 SD/HD and H.264 LIVE streams directly on PCs and laptops.

XPlayer provides users with advanced playback options, instant buffering for quick video source selection and low delay video decoding.

XPlayer is a Windows® based software application. Technically spoken the Standalone XPlayer is a software decoding application, which enables reception and display of LIVE streams that are available on the network. It includes advanced MPEG-2 and H.264 filter sets, allowing brilliant DVD quality decoding and professional control and playback of LIVE streams. 16:9 and 4:3 streams are recognized upon initialization, if the aspect ratio flag inside the stream is set.

The XPlayer ActiveX component can be embedded inside standard HTML web pages. When embedded, the XPlayer can be controlled via script attributes. This enables basic customization of the XPlayer (appearance, size, fixed to certain LIVE streams, etc.). Additionally locally stored files can be played back with the XPlayer allowing frame accurate positioning of video files; very useful when details of the video require accurate analysis.

The Standalone XPlayer is an ideal fit for the following streaming media environments:

  • LIVE video transmission to PCs
  • Basic Digital Business TV
  • Live institutional video
  • Camera signal distribution and monitoring

Professional Streaming Client
The Standalone is the ideal application to provide networked video access. It enables simple and instant LIVE stream playback on PCs and laptops. The XPlayer turns standard PCs into fully professional video clients, users are able to view LIVE streams in DVD quality - directly on their workspace and desktops.

Flexible Video Playback
Networked distribution of LIVE TV programs, hiend camera signals, video transmission or monitoring - for all requirements where video needs to be distributed and made available on PCs, the Standalone XPlayer is the ideal application.

Efficient Transmission
One stream for All - This is the motto and main advantage of LIVE streaming. One, single LIVE stream (as generated by the ENC-100 realtime encoder) can supply tens, hundreds, and even thousands of PCs with the same video. This advanced, network-friendly technology is based on Multicast network traffic. XPlayer fully supports the reception and display of both Multicast and individual Unicast streams.

The product refers 100 XPlayer licenses.
If you need further information please contact sales@interact.it or call +39-06-58318301

Technical Specifications 
XPlayer open standards stream compatibility:
MPEG-2ML@MP, 4:2:0
ISO/IEC13818-1 Transport
ISO/IEC13818-2, -3
MPEG-2Elementary MPEG-2 SD A/V Streams
MPEG-2 HDTransport streams
H.264 SDTransport streams
Multicast and Unicast streaming traffic fully supported.
Teracue rec. stream sourcesENC-100 MPEG-2 realtime encoder series recommended iCue Streaming Media Servers NVOD streams
IP protocolsHTTP, TCP/IP, UDP/IP, IGMPv2, SAPv1 HTML, Javascript for embedded scripting
Video formatsNTSC and PAL supported
Video resolutionsStandard resolutions:
Full D1 (720h x 480/576v)
Half D1 (384h x 480/576v)
CIF/SIF (384h x 240/288v)
Also scalable resolutions
Video decoding bitrates500kbit/s20000kbit/s (20Mbit/s)
MPEG-2 Audio decodingMPEG-1, Layer 2, Stereo Audio Output Independent volume/mute controls per XPlayer
LIVE stream selectionEasy to use program guide, SAP stream guide
Multiple instances of the Standalone XPlayer can be run simultaneously on a client. Multiple instances of the Standalone XPlayer can be embedded simultaneously inside a HTML web page.
Minimum System RequirementsOperating Systems Windows 2000 SP4, DirectX9c Windows XP Professional SP1/SP2, DirectX 9c
System Memory, RAMMinimum 256 MB for viewing one stream Minimum 512 MB for simultaneous viewing of two to four streams
System Processor, CPUPentium 4 with 1 GHz for viewing one stream Per additional simultaneous stream 1GHz
Graphics CardDirectX support. Graphics cards with shared memory are not supported
System Storage The application requires 10 MB of free storage
FirewallA firewall may not block the Standalone XPlayer application

***PLEASE NOTE: LIVE streaming/Multicast streaming requires specially designed and configured networks. Minimum requirements include: Layer-3 switched Ethernet, Multicast enabled, IGMPv2/3, network and multicast routing supported.


  • Simple and intuitive LIVE stream selection
  • Quick buffering and instant stream playback
  • Normal and low delay decoding modes
  • Easy management and installation
  • Full video resolution for DVD quality stream viewing
  • Flexible video format support
  • Standalone application use or HTML embedded through

ActiveX component

  • Scriptable ActiveX component
  • ML@MP, 4:2:0 MPEG-2 SD/HD and H.264 SD support
  • Additional file playback and compatible for iCue streaming

server NVOD streams (near video on demand)

  • Multiwindow/Multiplayer viewing per client
  • Auto-Recognition of 16:9 and 4:3 streams (WSS)


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Teracue XPlayer-100

Teracue XPlayer-100

XPlayer-100 is Teracue's software based LIVE stream viewing application. It enables professional viewing of MPEG-2 SD/HD and H.264 LIVE streams directly on PCs and laptops.

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