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Interact SpA is one of the leading companies in the Italian digital media and streaming market. Our company has been working successfully in the Italian streaming and video communication market for 10 years, both for wireline and mobile environments.

We operate as a service, consultant, system integrator and reseller company in close collaboration with our partnersRealNetworks, ViewCast, Adobe, Microsoft, Intel, Blackmagic Design, Vidiator, Winnov and many others aimed at providing a top-quality service for our clients as well as meeting the ever increasing requirements of the digital mediaand streaming markets in general.

The solutions of our partners and suppliers are provided both to end-users in the Italian streaming market as well as other system integrators working in vertical markets. As a leader in digital media and system integration projects,Interact SpA is constantly scouting and selecting the best new hardware and software products developed for multimedia represents Interact’s main professional resource for digital media technologies, offering a rich on-line catalogue combined with a variety of in-depth information and support on the products you select. One of our main informative tools is the streamcast newsletter, ensuring monthly updates on the latest solutions launched on the digital media market and counts more than 2000 subscribers. integrates with our corporate web site

Interact SpA has its own television studio and media lab in the center of Rome, the interactvStudio1; we are able to perform tests and demos for our clients and partners, as well as producing and delivering audio/video content for all relevant media. Thanks to its wide technology partnership network and its expertise in testing software, hardware and system architectures, Interact SpA ensures full and professional support in configuring customized solutions that fully optimize our clients’ investments.

Among our major clients you will find the Italian Parliament and other local governments, the European Parliament, Eni, Enel, Telecom, RAI (Radiotelevisione Italiana), Wind Telecomunicazioni and the Orascom Group, Nokia Siemens, as well as many public agencies and companies all over Italy and EMEA foreign markets.

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Interact SpA is a UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000 (vision 2000) certified company.

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  • Numero di partita IVA e codice fiscale 04856801008
  • Sede della società VIA ANGELO BARGONI 78 - 00153 ROMA
  • Numero di iscrizione del Registro delle imprese 04856801008
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  • Capitale sociale versato € 1.300.000,00
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