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Osprey- 260e with SimulStream


The Osprey 260e - 90-00474 with digital Simulsitream is the PCIe video capture card for analog connections for professional video streaming

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Osprey-260e, the latest addition to the Osprey Video PCIe family of capture cards, is a professional analog video streaming card. 

The Osprey-260e - 90-00474 has been designed especially for the super high-speed PCI Express bus delivering Osprey audio and video capture quality designed for the latest high-performance PC architectures.

Using the compact 1 lane PCI Express interface, the Osprey-260e provides a broad range of motherboard support by providing compatibility with 1, 4, 8 and 16 lane PCI Express slots.

Because the Osprey-260e is low-profile format, it allows for greater usability in small form factor computers. This makes the Osprey-260e the ideal solution for rack-mount encoding farms, custom enclosures, and other form-factor constrained environments.

The new Osprey-260e can co-exist with other Osprey capture solutions in the same system offering a wide variety of input type and configuration options.

Content creators will gain the flexibility they need for working with various analog media input and output connectivity. The Osprey-240e provides connectivity for component, Y/C, and composite video inputs and for audio, it features Balanced and Unbalanced Stereo inputs.

It is also compatible with ViewCast's Niagara SCX software for remote encoder management and Osprey SimulStream which enables output of multiple streams from a single channel fed to multiple encoding applications.

Whatever the analog A/V source, the Osprey-260e is a versatile solution which provides easy integration into your content repurposing workflow.

Flash® Media® Live Encoder 3 full compatible

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Osprey 260e with Simulstream for professional streaming Technical specifications
Video InputComposite (BNCx1), Y/C (BNCx2), Component (BNCx3)
Audio InputBalanced stereo (2 x XLR), Unbalanced stereo (2 x RCA)
Audio OutputUnbalanced stereo line level (3.5mm)
PCIe (x1) Compatible with x1, x4, x8, and x16 PCIe; PCIe 1.1; 5.25 L x 2.7 H (13.34cm L x 6.89 cm H)
Warranty:1 years


Osprey 260e with Simulstream for professional streaming Features:

  • WDM/AVStream driver
  • Cascadeable architecture allows for integration of multiple cards per chassis
  • Hardware audio gain control
  • Closed Caption extraction
  • Hardware Cropping and Bitmap Overlay
  • High-performance PCIe
  • Works with popular video encoding applications
  • Available with or without factory-enabled SimulStream
  • Supports Wide Screen Signaling (WSS) flag for automatic 16 x 9 capture
  • Audio loop-back for monitoring
  • Osprey SimulStream Ready
  • Niagara SCX Ready
  • Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 (32 bit and 64 bit), and Windows 7 (32 bit e 64 bit)
  • Bus Interface 1.1


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Osprey- 260e with SimulStream

Osprey- 260e with SimulStream

The Osprey 260e - 90-00474 with digital Simulsitream is the PCIe video capture card for analog connections for professional video streaming

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