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Audio video conference system


Audio video conference system Product Features

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Audio video conference system Product Features

* Wireless Transmission

It uses communication band. The product has a stronger anti-jamming ability. And it can provide greater bandwidth and transmission speed. It is not affected by mobile phones and other Bluetooth devices to ensure the best signal reception.

* Secure Encryption System

The product uses 128 bit AES encryption technology. It supports WPA/WPA2 wireless security technology, which prevents eavesdropping and unauthorized access. And it provides a higher level of confidentiality of the conference system.

* Powerful applications

It Collects wireless and wired conference speech, meeting attendance, voting, custom voting, simultaneous interpretation, video tracking, fire linkage and other meeting functions. And it also has the double backup, network control and other functions. The function is highly centralized, and the system configuration is simple.

* Remote Control

Conference control host and computer use TCP/IP protocol, connecting internet through the Ethernet interface, which can be remotely controlled.

* Simultaneous Interpretation Function

With digital audio transmission technology, simultaneous interpretation channel number 63+1, speech separation technology.

* Many Types of Speaking Units

There are many speaking units to choose, including desktop, embedded, with a vote, with IC sign in  and with electronic.

* More Than Two Speaking Modes

It supports four modes including FIFO mode, normal mode, voice control mode, the application of speech.

* Intelligent Management

PC software can view the battery power of the wireless unit, WiFi signal and other information status and a key to shut down all wireless device functions.

* Recording Function

With USB interface recording function.

* Voice Function

The chairman of the machine has the function of voice control. The microphone can be smart open.

* Electronic Table Display

The name of participants can be displayed by large LCD screen with full view, the information can be quickly update by PC.

* Tea Application Function

There are tea application functions. The tea can be applied through the application keys.

* Low Latency

Ultra low delay transmission for wireless microphone unit.

* Basic Functions

Wireless microphone has the maximum support of 6 microphones at the same time. It has  large battery capacity with super long working hours.


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Audio video conference system

Audio video conference system

Audio video conference system Product Features

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