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Full Digital WIFI Conference System Controller


TS-W100 Full Digital WIFI Conference System Controller

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ITC - TS-W100 Full Digital WIFI Conference System Controller

Main Features

  • It adopts 2.4GHz and 5GHz communication frequency band, which has stronger anti-jamming capability and provides bigger bandwidth and transmission speed. And it is free from the interference of mobile telephone and other Bluetooth equipment to ensure the best signal reception.
  • It adopts 128 bits encryption technique, supporting WPA/WPA2 WIFI security technology in case of being intercepted and non-authorized visiting to improve higher confidentiality of the conference system.
  • It is built in high-performance dual CPU processor with super strong processing capacity. Meanwhile, it supports WIFI conference system and full digital conference system.
  • This WIFI conference system supports 4096 delegate units at most, among which maximum 300 units from WIFI conference system. You can turn on maximum 8 microphones at the same time, among which maximum 6 microphones from WIFI conference system.
  • It adopts original digital processing and transmission technology with 48K sampling frequency and 20Hz~20KHz bandwidth non-compressing audio transmission, adopting Cat-5 shielded cable to ensure long distance transmission and to provide perfect sound quality.
  • With WIFI network interface, it can connect with POE network switch to enlarge WIFI AP qty and to provide huger WIFI coverage area.
  • It is with manual and automatic edited ID function for quickly and easily arranging meeting place.
  • It supports Chinese-English language interface switchover.
  • You can check the battery level of the WIFI units and signal status from PC software.
  • All the WIFI units have the function of one-key shutdown.
  • It supports simultaneous interpretation function with maximum 63+1 wired simultaneous interpretation.
  • It is built in high-performance DSP processor with stereo audio ADC and DAC, supporting 8 kHz and 96 kHz sampling frequency and digital volume control with 28/56 bits core and 50 MIPS digital audio processor. Input and output audio volumes are adjustable, supporting balance function, multi-band frequency compression, amplitude limiting and noise elimination, providing better sound quality test. You can control audio settings by PC software.
  • It supports PC software unified management system and fault analysis, adopting TCP/IP network protocol to ensure system reliability and stability, supporting independent operating when system is out of PC software.
  • It is with fire alarm link trigger interface, providing fire alarm signal to remind people the emergency evacuation in the first time to ensure personnel security.
  • It supports PELCO-D and VISCA camera control protocols, working with HD camera tracking controller to realize automatic camera tracking.
  • Four microphone management modes: FIFO/NORMAL/ VOICE/APPLY
  • It supports RCA, XLR audio input and output, adopting 3 PIN XLR balanced audio line to improve system anti-interference capacity.
  • Compatible IEC 60914 and GBT 15381-94 standards.
  • It is with recording function.
  • It is with 2×25W amplifier.
  • Modes of operation: Over-ride mode, Push-to-talk mode, Voice activation mode, Chairman’s Priority mode
  • Volume Control for the delegate’s built-in loud speaker: control from main controller

WIFI Conference System Controller tech spech - ITC

Product ModelTS-W100
Main Power Supply90~132VAC/180~264VAC by switch
Output Loading>1KΩ
Dynamic Range>80 dB
SNR>85 dB(A)
RecordingInterface with MP3/recording function
Channel QtyMaximum 64CH
Audio OutputLINE OUT 1: 1V Balance; LINE OUT 2: 1V Un-balance
Connection MethodProfessional 6-core cable
Amplifier Power2×25W(4Ω BTL)
Output Consumption320W
Connector ReliabilityReliable
Follow StandardIEC60914
RJ45 Internet AccessConnecting with computer
Audio InputLINE IN 1: 350mV Balance; LINE IN 2: 350mV Un-balance
Quiescent Dissipation30W
Installation Method19 inch standard cabinet
WeightAbout 3Kg
Touch Screen Control4.3 inch TFT color touch screen control
Microphone Capacity≤4096
Operating Humidity20%~80% relative humidity, no moisture condensation
Frequency Response20 ~ 20KHz
Working Temperature-10℃~+60℃


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Full Digital WIFI Conference System Controller

Full Digital WIFI Conference System Controller

TS-W100 Full Digital WIFI Conference System Controller

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