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EDBOX TAURUS DHD Decoder video


EDBOX TAURUS DHD decoder H.264 AVC/MPEG-2 decoder 4:2:2

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Taurus DHD multi-format decoder is ideal to decode all of the video formats and resolutions in realtime be it MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 SD or HD. Taurus DHD multi-format decoder features 4 line front panel interface, on board web application and SNMP to decoding control

Taurus DHD multi-format decoder includes Two 1GB Ethernet ports:

  1. one for administration
  2. one for streaming input.


Additionally the decoder offers the possibility of IP forwarding to send out the incoming stream to various IP addresses as unicast and/ or multicast.

EDBOX solutions offer a lot of extensive features where the user can control from every EDBOX unit any EDBOX unit via the frontpanel or over the webside, called EDBOX mapping. This offers the customer a great option to “see what happens“ on local- and remote side.

If you need further information please contact sales@interact.it or call +39-06-58318301



EDBOX Taurus 4:4:2 Video decoding technical specifications

  • MPEG-4 part 10 (H264) SD decoding
  • MPEG-4 part 10 (H264) HD decoding
  • MPEG-2 SD decoding
  • MPEG-2 HD decoding 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 decoding
  • SD SDI and CVBS Output (PAL, NTSC)
  • Genlock for frame syncronization
  • Aspects ratios 4:3 and 16:9 Main & high profile up to level 4 (MP@L4)
  • Decoder follows the encoder with bitrate changed on the fly within 100ms
  • CABAC/CAVLC entropy decoding
  • Resolution up to Full HD
  • Transport input MPEG-2 TS stream, over UDP/IP, RTP, RTSP, TS over RTP
  • Unicast and multicast


EDBOX Taurus 4:4:2 Audio decoding technical specifications

  • SDI embedded (8 CHA)
  • AES/EBU 1 CHA (2 CHA*)
  • Analog Audio +6db (2CHA)
  • Audiochannel level changes
  • MPEG-1 Layer II
  • AAC LC / AAC-HEv1 / AAV-HEv2
  • LATM support
  • Dolby digital pass through
  • Dolby digital AC3 (6CHA*) encoding


EDBOX Taurus 4:4:2 Decoding extras technical specifications

  • Transcoding SPTS/ MPTS MPEG-2 to H.264 AVC*
  • DVB ASI in/out* Store on harddisk (up to 250GB)
  • Store and forward* (streaming higher bitrate over lower network incl. buffering)
  • IP forwarding to different unicast and multicast adresses in realtime
  • Extensive low latency streaming < 400ms
  • Video output preview screenshots on stand alone web interface
  • Automatic output format detection and switching

EDBOX Taurus 4:4:2 Features

  • Broadcast H.264 AVC & MPEG-2 MP@ML realtime decoder
  • Resolution up to 1080i. TS / RTP over IP up to 75Mbps
  • Video Out simultaneous CBVS/SDI (only SD)
  • Audio out analog +4db XLR (2CHA)
  • SDI embedded up to to 8 CHA, Web Based Management
  • 4 lines frontpanel
  • AAC HE v1/v2 & MPEG 1 Layer II audio decoding


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EDBOX TAURUS DHD Decoder video

EDBOX TAURUS DHD Decoder video

EDBOX TAURUS DHD decoder H.264 AVC/MPEG-2 decoder 4:2:2

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