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Videum 1000 Plus - Winnov


A single channel audio and video capture card using Winnov's Frame Buffer Architecture (FBA ) with 3 switchable video inputs (composite + S-video + MXC )

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    A single channel audio and video capture card using Winnov's Frame Buffer Architecture (FBA ) with 3 switchable video inputs (composite + S-video + MXC ), two stereo audio inputs (AUX + MIC/LIN) and one stereo audio output.

    Winnov's Videum 1000 Plus is an high-performance video and audio capture board designed for corporate video communication and collaboration, video streaming and video surveillance markets.

    Winnov now offers its best-of-breed proprietary ASIC technology in a single chip, delivering unmatched audio performance with a clearer video quality. Winnov's Videum 1000 Plus captures 640x480 pixels at 30 frames per second, supports square pixel resolution and is ITU CCIR601 compatible, providing you with maximum performance and flexibility. Coupled with hardware compression, the Videum 1000 Plus ensures unparalleled audio and video quality

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    Videum 1000 plus video capture card Technical Specifications
    Video InputsNTSC or PAL
    MXC, (composite, S-video inputs are available via provided adapter cabl
    Capture FormatsYUV2 - 4:2:2 (for streaming)
    YV12 - 4:2:0 (for streaming)
    RGB 8 - 8-bit RGB (256 colors)
    RGBH - 16-bit (32k colors)
    RGBT - 24-bit RGB (16.8M colors)
    WINX - Interframe Compression, 16:1 to 48:1
    WNV1 - Hardware Compression, 1:1 to 12:1
    Image size32x24 to 640x480 (NTSC)
    32x24 to 704x576 (PAL)
    Capture modesHigh speed, time lapse, stop motion, webcam
    DisplayFull screen with direct draw capable graphics card
    File FormatAVI, ASF
    Still Images32x24; 640x480 (NTSC); 704x576 (PAL)
    24-bit color, 16-bit color, 8 bit-color, grey scale
    File FormatBMP, JPG
    TwainDriver included
    Audio8-bit and 16-bit mono or stereo
    Sampling ratesup to 48 kHz
    Full duplex audio for VOIP
    File FormatWAV
    Audio OutputHeadset or active speaker output-no integrated amplifier for passive speakers
    Audio InputStereo line/mic-in, stereo auv-in, mono camrera mic-in (on MXC camera)
    VoltageWorks in 3.3V and 5V PCI environments
    Universal capture cards for 32-bit and 64-bit slots
    System requirements 
    SizeBoard Dimension: 4.75" (L) x 3.81" (H)
    ProcessorPentium 3 or better
    PCIOne free 32bit or 64 bit PCI slot
    RAM128 MByte or more(2 GB max limit)
    CD DriveCD-ROM drive for software installation
    Operating SystemWindows 2000, Windows XP,2003,Vista, 2008,7
    Warranty1 year


    Videum 1000 plus video capture card Features
    Winnov's frame buffer architectureMost decode chips implement in line buffer architecture, which cannot reliably capture 640x480 video to disk. Depending upon the PCI bus traffic, it will skip pixels in a frame when the buffer overflows. These artifacts are going to be more likely in a system with multiple capture cards and high performance PCI add-in cards.

    In order to guarantee the audio and video synchronization even in the most demanding PCI load situations, Winnov's R&D opted to design their own PCI interface and frame buffer architecture.

    The Videum 1000 Plus implements a high performance frame buffer architecture, which reliably capture 640x480 video to memory or disk. Its large buffer can bridge any extended latencies on the PCI bus, which makes it ideal for high performance and multiple card systems.
    Video and Audio Capture
    • Highest quality and performance audio- multiple audio inputs with low noise audio capture
    • Highest quality and performance video for video - low spatial and temporal noise for best video compression results
    • Integrated audio in and out - Full-duplex audio Capture and Playback at different audio rates
    • Compact - short PCI card for desktop PCs
    • Captures 640x480 @ 30 fps uncompressed
    • Widescreen support:640x360 (16/9) and 640x272 (2.35/1)
    • Fully synchronized audio with video capture-reliable 24/7 operation
    • Video compression (up to 48:1) for saving to disk drive
    • Local and remote camera control (brightness, saturation, hue) - change settings such as video input, image settings, and digital zoom while encoding
    • Digital pan, tilt and zoom (using any camera) via Videum Zoom applet
    • Support Windows Media and RealNetworks
    Audio and Video QualityWinnov Videum 1000 Plus offers new features and increased audio and video quality that complement the features found in the original product.
    • Square pixel support
    • ITU CCIR601 compatible
    • Better composite and S-Video decoding quality
    • Improved audio quality
    • Smaller form factor (see dimensions below)
    • It works in 3.3V and 5V PCI environments ("universal card")


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    Videum 1000 Plus - Winnov

    Videum 1000 Plus - Winnov

    A single channel audio and video capture card using Winnov's Frame Buffer Architecture (FBA ) with 3 switchable video inputs (composite + S-video + MXC )

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