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Bluefish444 - SD Greed


Everything you will need in a SD video card

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Everything you will need in a SD video card

Bluefish444 - SD Greed is the new digital /analog SD video card from Bluefish444 supporting 12/10 bit SDI and 12 bit analog video I/O, external and embedded digital audio I/O and analog audio I/O.

Also available in OEM version. Go and see the details of Bluefish444 OEM Program.

If you need further informations you can call 06.58318301 or write to

Technical Specifics 
Video Modes
  • PAL 720 x 576 (4:3)
  • PAL 720 x 576 (Widescreen 16:9)
  • NTSC 720 x 486 (4:3)
  • NTSC 720 x 486 (Widescreen 16:9)
Digital Signal Format
  • M12/10 bit SD SDI
  • Dual link 4:4:4, 4:4:4:4 (RGB) I/O
  • 4:2:2:4 Video and Key (YUV) I/O
  • Single link 4:2:2 (YUV) I/O
  • 2 x Independent SDI I/O
Analog Signal Format
  • 12 bit Analog RGB output
  • 12 bit Component I/O
  • 12 bit Composite I/O
  • 12 bit S-Video I/O
Digital Audio
  • 6 channels of balanced AES/EBU XLR I/O
  • 8 Channels of unbalanced S/P DIF BNC I/O
  • 16 Channels of embedded audio per SDI
Analog Audio
  • 2 channels balanced (XLR) I/O
  • 2 channels unbalanced (RCA) I/O
Pixel Formats
  • 10 bit YUV/RGB, 8 bit YUV/RGB
  • QuickTime, Cineon and DPX support
Hardware Features
  • Real time hardware overlay for internal keying
  • Real Time hardware color space conversion
  • 2 X General purpose I/O interface
  • LTC I/O
  • 4 X RS 422 Serial Ports
  • Built-in safe area, safe title and letterbox generator
  • Audio sample rate converters
  • A1 x BNC Bi level Sync
  • Meets SMPTE jitter specifications with or without genlock
Onboard Memory128MBPCI Interface
  • PCI 32 bit 66 MHz or PCI 32 bit 33 MHz
  • Compatible with all PCI and PCI-X 64/32 bit Slots
Supported softwareIncludes Bluefish444 Symmetry software and supports a wide range of 3rd party applications. See the details of software compatibilitySDKAvailable for Windows and Mac (through Quick Time drivers). Includes C++ SDK and Direct Show filters. See the details of Bluefish444 SDKSupported OsWindows, MAC OSX and Linux
3 years 

SD SDI Video
SD Greed supports Dual link 4:4:4, 4:4:4:4 (RGB) I/O, 4:2:2:4 (YUV) Video and Key I/O and 4:2:2 (YUV) I/O. Supports two independent SD SDI streams allowing applications to capture and playback two SD SDI video streams simultaneously.

Analog Video I/O
SD Greed supports 12 bit Analog RGB output, Component I/O, Composite I/O and S-Video I/O via 6 BNC cables. Outputs SDI and analog simultaneously from a digital or analog source, with no degradation and no image quality loss.
SD Greeds analog outputs are customizable between the supported analog outputs creating flexible monitoring solutions.

SD SDI/Analog Conversion
SD Greed includes an on board A/D and D/A converter not requiring an external digital to analog converter.

Digital & Analog Audio
SD Greed supports 16 channels of embedded audio per SDI, 6 channels of balanced external AES/EBU XLR audio I/O and 8 channels of unbalanced S/P DIF BNC audio I/O. SD Greed caters for 5.1 surround sound monitoring on both consumer digital and professional digital audio devices. SD Greed supports 2 channels of balanced XLR and 2 channels of unbalanced RCA analog audio I/O for connection to both consumer and professional analog audio devices.

PCI 32 bit 66/33 MHz
SD Greed supports a 32 bit PCI 33/66 MHz interface which is compatible with low cost P4/32 bit workstations and high end multiprocessor 64 bit workstations providing a diverse range of platform support and system integration flexibility.

Professional Broadcast Genlock
SD Greed has full genlocking capability. The output circuits are fully decoupled from the input circuits for unconditionally stable video outputs - even during capture where the card performs as a synchronizer. SDI Outputs meet SMPTE specs (including jitter) at all times with or without Bi level or Tri level genlock.

Software Development Kit
The Bluefish444 Windows and Linux Software Developers Kit (SDK) is a proven interface to the Bluefish444 API. The SDK includes Direct Show filters and a range of API samples to get developers started quickly and efficiently.
The Bluefish444 SDK is considered to provide the fastest time to market video and audio I/O solution in the market place with dedicated support engineers to assist in the development process.


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Bluefish444 - SD Greed

Bluefish444 - SD Greed

Everything you will need in a SD video card

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