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Cube 655 / 605 Encoder HDMI + HD-SDI Teradek

Teradek Cube 655 and 605 are the new encoders series with both HDMI and HD-SDI input

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Teradek Cube 655 and 605 are the new encoder series with both HDMI and HD-SDI input. The new features make Cube series Teradek’s most powerful H.264 encoder for point to point broadcasting, Web streaming, and iOS monitoring. 

Teradek Cube 655 / 605 different feature:

  • Encoder Cube 655: 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac MIMO
  • Encoder Cube 605: None

The new Teradek Cube 600 series features 3G-SDI and HDMI inputs along with a new, high-powered 802.11AC WiFi adapter in a rugged aluminum chassis.

Multi-interface streaming 

The Cube 600 series includes ShareLink, a network aggregation service based on Teradek’s bonding technology. ShareLink allows you to combine bandwidth from several network interfaces for more reliable, higher quality streaming. 

iPad Monitoring for All

Teradek cube encoder 655 and 605 supports monitoring on up to 6 iOS devices simultaneously so clients, crew, and director can all see the action.

Onboard Recording

Cube’s built-in SD card slot gives you the option to save high quality backup recordings for post-event editing. The file is recorded at the same resolution and bit rate as your stream.

Bi-directional IFB

Bi-directional IFB allows camera operators and crew to communicate in real-time, even if they’re half a world away.

For technical support and requests on Streamcast.it products and solutions please contact sales@interact.it

Video Inputs

  • HDMI 1.4a : Full Size and 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, SD-SDI: BNC

Protocol Support

  • Network Protocols: TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP, DHCP, NTP, SSL, IGMP
  • Transport Protocols: RTP, RTSP, RTP over HTTP, MPEG-TS (MPEG-TS is an optional paid license)


  • Ethernet: 10/100/1000BASE-T
  • WiFi: 2.4/5GHz 802.11 ac/a/b/g/n MiMO
  • USB Modem support**

Supported Video Input Resolutions

  • 1080p 50/59.94/60*
  • 1080p 23.98/24/25/29.97/30
  • 1080PsF 23.98/24/25
  • 720p 50/59.94/60
  • 480p/576p (HDMI only);480i/576i (Note: 480/576 i/p do not work on HDMI in current hw)


  • Dimensions: 2"W x 1"D x 4"H
  • Weight: 6oz


  • 2 Pin Lemo Power input
  • Nominal Power Consumption: 5W - 8W
  • Auxiliary Power Input: 6-28V DC

Video Codec

  • Compression Algorithm: Baseline, Main and High Profile H.264
  • Resolutions: up to 1080p30/1080i60
  • Bit Rate: 250 Kbps to 15 Mbps
  • Built in Video Scaler and Deinterlacer


  • Feature-rich Mobile App for configuration and control and Preview
  • Feature-rich WebUI for configuration and control
  • OLED LCD Display with joystick navigation buttons
  • On/Off and Reset Switch
  • Full Size SD
  • Powered USB 2.0 host port


  • Temperature:0 to 40 Celsius degree


  • Audio Compression: AAC-LC, MPEG Layer 2
  • Embedded Audio Input
  • Analog Line or Mic in, adjustable gain
  • Headphone output, adjustable volume

Color Management

  • CDL/1024 1D LUT (supports 10-bit color)
  • 33x33x33 3D LUT (supports 10-bit color)
  • HDMI/SDI cross conversion

* 1080p60 output is not supported


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Cube 655 / 605 Encoder HDMI + HD-SDI Teradek

Cube 655 / 605 Encoder HDMI + HD-SDI Teradek

Teradek Cube 655 and 605 are the new encoders series with both HDMI and HD-SDI input

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