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Osprey-530 with Digital SimulStream


This product bundle blends the functionality of the Osprey-530 95-00451 with the capabilities of Osprey Digital SimulStream.

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This product bundle blends the functionality of the Osprey-530 with the capabilities of Osprey Digital SimulStream.

The result is a high-performance digital capture card ideal for the professional streaming media content creator. High-performance, digital video capture card designed to deliver the best quality video experience.

Created to interface with high-end broadcast gear. Hardware-based processing improves capture process. Engineered for maximum performance, flexibility, and reliability.

The Osprey-530 - 95-00451 professional streaming capture card provides broadcast A/V inputs with optimum quality video. It builds upon the capabilities of the Osprey professional cards by utilizing a 64-bit PCI-X compatible interface for increased data throughput plus high-end A/V inputs.

Designed as a high-performance capture solution for streaming media professionals, the Osprey-530 offers a combination of digital and analog inputs for live or on-demand streaming. Closed caption extraction from analog and SDI inputs, enhanced audio/video synchronization and analog audio/video outputs for real time monitoring are key features on the Osprey-530.

The Osprey-530 ships with a breakout cable for video and audio inputs and a special audio and video output cable.
Other breakout options available for the Osprey-530 include a breakout box.

Go and see the features of the  Digital SimulStream for Osprey-530

Online new Osprey driver (4.00) compatible with Osprey video capture cards.
Advanced processing features and more encoding options allows you to improve significantly video quality and embed each stream with its own optimal profile.

Warranty: 1 year

Flash® Media® Live Encoder 3 full compatible

If you need further information please contact our commercial office at or call +39-06-58318301


Osprey 530 With SimulStream video capture card Technical Specifications
Video resolutionStandard definition
Video inputSDI, composite (BNC), S-Video
Audio inputBalanced stereo (2 x XLR), Unbalanced stereo (2 x RCA), embedded SDI, AES/EBU digital audio (XLR)
Video output Composite (BNC), S-Video
Audio outputUnbalanced stereo line level (2 x RCA)
  • 64-bit/66MHz PCI-X interface
  • 32-bit/33MHz PCI compatible
  • 3.3 V PCI 2.3 compliant
Supported software platformsWindows 2003 Server and Windows XP
Cable supportSupports SDI cable length up to 350m


Osprey 530 With SimulStream video capture card Features
Audio/Video Processing
  • Advanced DMA for ultra-high performance (full 30fps)
  • Audio and video loop-back
  • Hardware audio gain control
  • Closed caption extraction
  • AVI or extended AVI capture for use with the most popular 3rd party editing and streaming software applications
  • Hardware cropping and bitmap overlay
Hardware characteristics
  • Cascable architecture allows for multiple Osprey-530s per chassis
  • PCI-X compatible
  • RoHS compliant
Software Support


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Osprey-530 with Digital SimulStream

Osprey-530 with Digital SimulStream

This product bundle blends the functionality of the Osprey-530 95-00451 with the capabilities of Osprey Digital SimulStream.

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