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JW player 6.11


JW Player 6.11 is the most world popular video player. With JW Player you can publish your videos, run video ads and manage the video streaming.

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JW player 6.11 aloows you to manage the video streaming fast and easy.

The JW Player get broadcast-quality playback everywhere, every time thanks to the html5 & flash support. Customize your player, distribute video, and view your analytics.

JW Player serve desktop & mobile video ads. Integrate with any ad server or network or set up advanced integrations with our ads API. Everything ads, out of the box.

JW Player  Upload any audio or video file and optimizes it for all screens. Manage your entire video library and deliver billions of streams reliably and fast.

If you need further information please contact sales@interact.it or call +39 06-58318301

JW player spech tech

Media Support
Video files

MP4 (H.264/AAC), FLV (VP6/MP3) *, WebM (VP8/Vorbis) *

* Browser dependent

Audio files

AAC, MP3, Vorbis *

* Browser dependent


Support for YouTube videos through their Chromeless Player API *

* Browser dependent

Streaming protocols

Adobe RTMP *, Apple HLS *

* Browser dependent

Device Support
Desktop browsers

Chrome **, Internet Explorer 8+, Firefox **, Safari **

** Latest, or most widely used version http://gs.statcounter.com/

Mobile devices

iOS**, Android 2.3, Android 4

** Latest, or most widely used version http://david-smith.org/iosversionstats/

Rendering modes

Support for Flash + HTML5 on desktops (auto-detected), HTML5 on devices

Built-in download fallback adds basic playback to other devices (e.g. Blackberry, Android 2.2)

Embedding Options

file, image, title

Extensive configuration through “playlists” (see below)


controls, width, height, skin, stretching

Minimum dimensions 320×180, or 320×30 (“audio” mode)


autostart *, fallback, mute *, primary *, repeat

* Not supported on mobile devices


Set file, link, hide, margin and position of custom watermark *

* Only supported in Pro/Premium/Enterprise editions

Inline playlists

Item properties: title, description, mediaid, image, sources

Source properties*: file, type, width, height

* Set multiple sources to increase device coverage or render a “quality” selection menu

RSS Feeds

Support for RSS and MediaRSS extensions

Multiple sources are loaded by setting multiple media:content elements

Playlist component

Set to bottom or right of display at configurable size

Displays image, title and description for each item

External formats

WebVTT *, SRT, DFXP * (no cue styling support)

* No support for cue layout or styling.

Embedded formats

TX3G text tracks in MP4 **

** Supported on desktops in Flash mode and on iOS


Support for multiple caption tracks (file/label) per playlist item

RSS captions support through the “media:subtitle” element


XML, with PNG images (external or base64) *


Controlbar, Display, Tooltip, Dock, Playlist

Included skins

Six (default), Five, Bekle*, Glow*, Modieus*, Stormtrooper*, Beelden*, Roundster*, Vapor*

* Included with Pro, Premium, and Enterprise editions

JavaScript API
API classes

Ready, Playlist, Buffer*, Playback*, Seek*, Volume*, Resize, Quality*, Button, Controls*, Error, Metadata*

* Certain limitations on mobile devices

JW Player Analytics

Tracking plays, viewers, & time watched per day, by device & location, across all embeds*

* Free service, available to all JW Player users

Google Analytics

Tracking plays and completes per video **

** Only supported in Premium and Enterprise editions


Single MP4, FLV, AAC, MP3 or live stream

Dynamic streams w/automatic bitrate switching *

Options for bufferlength, securetoken (Wowza only), fcsubscribe (certain CDNs)

* Requires SMIL manifest and streams of same format / keyframe interval

Apple HLS

Playback in desktop browsers (Flash mode) and iOS

Supports all features of version 5 of the Pantos IETF draft.

The following are features supported in the Premium edition – Adaptive streaming, manual quality switching, discontinuity tag support, TS with H.264 video and/or AAC/MP3 audio, or elementary AAC/MP3 audio.

In addition to what is in Premium, the Enterprise edition supports AES decryption, DVR Live streaming, and CEA-608 captions.

Flash pseudo-streaming ***

Supports mod_h264 (apache/iis/nginx), mod_flvx (apache) or HttpFlvModule (nginx)

*** Pseudo-streaming in HTML5 mode is always supported

Server and CDN support

Official server support for Wowza Media Server and Adobe Media Server

Official CDN support for Akamai, Cloudfront, Edgecast and Limelight

Social Sharing *

Configurable video link / embed code per playlist item

Shortcuts for posting video link to Facebook, Twitter, Email

Related Videos *

Configurable list of related videos (RSS feed) per playlist item

Displayed on complete and/or button click

* Only supported in Premium and Enterprise editions


VAST 3.0 / VPAID 1.0 compliant, supporting linear and non-linear ads with companions, Ad Pods, and skippable-linear ads.

** Please contact us for more information on VAST/VPAID support

VMAP 1.0

Support for custom ad scheduling with VMAP 1.0 xml tags.

Google IMA (DFP) ***

Linear pre-, mid- and post-roll videos, non-linear AdSense overlays, HTML companions

Configurable ad message for linear ads

* Only supported in Enterprise edition, Flash rendering mode for desktop and HTML5 on iOS/Android.

JW Player main features

  • Consistent viewing experience in HTML5 and Flash, across mobile, tablet, and desktop
  • Customize your experience with 8 professional PNG skins
  • Advertising Ready: VAST-VPAID; PRE-Middle-Post video roll, overlay video and companion ads; VAST-HTML5 mobile ads; partner integration such es Google IMA
  • Chromecast Support: Video playback and advertising on Chromecast connected devices; Multi-screen VAST-compliant advertising; Lean back video viewing experience
  • Powerful Analytics: integration with google analytics
  • HTTP Live Streaming: Supports Apple HTTP Live Streaming on all popular platforms along with advanced HLS features


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JW player 6.11

JW player 6.11

JW Player 6.11 is the most world popular video player. With JW Player you can publish your videos, run video ads and manage the video streaming.

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