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iCue server for LIVE, NVOD VOD streaming

Teracue iCue server iCue Server for LIVE, NVOD and VOD Streaming is ideal for in house TV station for streaming media with an integrated video archive.

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  • ICUE-100
  • ICUE-1000
  • ICUE-2000

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The ICUE media server offers a great range of features and functionalities. It acts as the central hub for your customised IPTV and streaming solution. The media server enables recording, import, playout and management of live video streams and user rights. ICUE thus offers an “all-in-one” solution.

The iCue for professional streaming and IPTV in LAN and intranet networks:

  • Digital Business TV
  • Medical and Campus TV: On-Demand training
  • Editor TV and Journalist TV
  • Documentation and training-Tele-medicine
  • Video Monitoring: Control rooms and crisis centers
  • Stadium and Event TV
  • Compliance recording server
  • Monitoring: Loop Recording


ICUE media server provides live TV, time shift TV and VoD to users using web pages or software clients. User access to the streams using the simple web GUI is child’s play and the administrator can configure it for single users or user groups easily in a few steps.

Recordings of live streams can be preconfigured automated or manually or started directly by the user. Loop recordings are supported as well, e.g. compliance recording. Import of MPEG-TS video files is supported by using ICUE-PLAYER.

Video content managed by ICUE media server will get a com-prehensive set of metadata like EPG, attributes, user access rights etc. These metadata make it possible to find content fast and easy by searching for it. Recorded and important videos can be watched as VoD or played as live play out channel, i.e. as info channel.

If you need further information please contact sales@interact.it or call +39-06-58318301

i-Cue Server Technical specifications

All four versions support the following basic functionality:

Input file formatsMPEG-TS transport stream files, multiplex format: ISO/IEC 13818-1 transport MPEG-2, H.264, H.265*, MPEG-1 Layer2, AAC
Streaming protocolsTS over UDP, TS over RTP, TS over HTTP, HLS, ISO/IEC 14496-10 NAL (Network Abstraction Layer), Multicast and unicast IGMP V.2, SAP
ProtocolsHTTP, TCP/IP control protocol, SNMP traps/alerts, DHCP
ManagementHTTP web browser, ICUE-PLAYER client (Win OS application) SOAP web service, SNMP traps, Teracue API (AMX, Crestron & 3rd Party Support). XML, UDP, RTSP und TCP
ManagementWeb browser, configuration manager, ICUE-PLAYER 
Interfaces and integrationLDAP/ADS, simple ASCII remote control protocol as interface for remote control (i.e. automation systems as AMX/Crestron), Web API for customizing GUI, secure https website administration. Control and limit of simultaneous users
Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows Server 2008/2012, WIN 7/8/10 Following windows components are needed: - Internet Information Services v6.0 or higher with version 6.0 compatibility - NET Framework v3.5 or higher - NET Framework v4.5
HardwareIntel Core i3 and higher 4 GByte RAM Free disc space: Depends on individual requirements

Features of the iCue Server live streaming

  • Access rights and permissions
  • Graphical website for administration

Benefits and special features of iCue server live streaming

  • Direct and quick display of videos
  • High-definition DVD and DVB video quality
  • Replay of LIVE signals directly on PC's and TV's
  • Unlimited number of concurrent users for the LIVE replay
  • Remote access to entire ON-Demand video archive by PC's and TV's
  • Exact video anlysis: Display and viewing of individual video frames
  • No time-consuming fast forwarding/rewinding of removable media
  • Automatic recording without changing the recording media
  • Central server:no lost recordings
  • One graphical interface for replay, search and recording options
  • Protected video content: Login, permission and authorization requests
  • End-to end digital format for streaming and storage
  • Using and leveraging the network as "virtual router"
  • System scalability through IPTV bulding blocks
  • Sustainable and future-proof: supoprt of the MPEG-2 SD/HD and MPEG-4 AVC H.264 SD/HD formats
  • Optional: Editing and transcoding of video content
  • Optional: Failsafe through redundant system architecture

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iCue server for LIVE, NVOD VOD streaming

iCue server for LIVE, NVOD VOD streaming

Teracue iCue server iCue Server for LIVE, NVOD and VOD Streaming is ideal for in house TV station for streaming media with an integrated video archive.

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