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Amino H140 IPTV Set Top Box


Amino H140 IPTV Set Top Box in HD is a solution to view digital content for Internet TV and streaming via IP

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The Amino H140 IPTV Set Top Box is new Amino HD Set Top Box for Internet TV and Streaming via IP that allows to service providers, with a cost effective means, to deliver end-to-end digital High Definition TV as multicast, on-demand video and multi-room IPTV services. It enables service operators to offer stunning TV quality with minimal capital expenditure.

For more information, a quote on an order of IPTV Set Top Box fewer than 5 and about delivery times please or call 06-58318301

The Amino H140 Set Top Box IPTV is complemented by a wide range of set top box middleware, browsers, conditional access and DRM options. All STB functions can be controlled from a browser using the Amino JMACX system

Amino H140 Set Top Box IPTV Advantages
The H140 is an ideal component of a digital guest room entertainment solution. Fully digital systems provide numerous benefits for the operator, including:

  • Easy update of content via remote download - no more tapes or CDs to track and ship
  • Remote management of the system - fewer on-site service calls
  • Ability to integrate with other guest services - telephony, Internet, billing, information.


Amino H140 Set Top Box IPTV provides CEC control over HDMI. This feature allows system integrators to provide an integrated solution with TVs that also support CEC, with features such as IR pass-through, power on and off of the TV and STB, plus sending and receiving other CEC supported, or custom control commands, between TV and STB.

Amino H140 Set Top Box IPTV TV Interface (TVI)
Where specific hospitality TVs are used the STB can communicate and control the TV set. This provides several benefits, such as:

  • No visible hardware
  • TV control through STB, browser and network

Amino H140 Set Top Box IPTVserial interface.
Hospitality system integrators require access to the STB to integrate bespoke applications for many installations. The H140 is equipped with a RS-232 serial interface that can be used as a connection interface to hospitality televisions for single remote control use, if CEC is not being used and many other applications.

Amino H140 Set Top Box IPTV extensive ecosystem support
The H140 is supported by an extensive ecosystem of middleware, browser, conditional access and DRM options required for the widely varying configurations of the IPTV market

Amino H140 Set Top Box IPTVComprehensive design tools And support
Amino software technology is based on open standards such as Linux and HTML. Application developers for the Amino H140 benefit from the Amino JMACX system which enables full control of the STB functions from the browser. JMACX provides the service operator with a powerful set of HTML and JavaScript extensions which allow simple and highly effective user interface designs to be created or ported. For increased flexibility in creating custom applications ADKs and SDKs are also available.

Amino H140 Set Top Box IPTV software updates and maintenance
The H140 holds a complete software image in on-board flash memory, and is also designed to support secure bootstrap from a multicast server. At any time, a deployed H140 can be upgraded with a new software image via the secure multicast server. The multicast approach ensures that very large numbers of deployed set-tops can be upgraded without placing an individual load on the server or the network. For security, software images can be signed with keys unique to each deployment.

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Price may vary depending on the number of Set Top Box purchased
For further information on Amino H140 Set Top Box and a quote on an order of order of devices greater than 5 please contact or call +39-06-58318301

Amino H140 Set Top Box IPTV Technical Specifications  
Size and weight 102mm x 97mm x 37mm. 300g (excluding accessories and packaging)
Inputs HDMI 1.3a. with HDCP and CEC. 10-way Mini-DIN for Composite video, Component (YPrPb), RGB, S-Video and analogue audio. S/PDIF (optical). 2x USB2.0. RS232 serial connector
Power5V DC at 1.5A via external power supply Less than 8W typical usage (external supply input voltage 100-240V AC 50-60Hz 3A max)
Codecs MPEG-2 MP@HL MPEG-4 pt10 AVC/H.264 HP@L4
Video resolutions Up to 720p and 1080i. Displays up to 1080p
Graphics resolutions HD graphics up to 1280x720
Audio Analogue stereo audio out. Stereo and Dolby 5.1 surround via S-PDIF and HDMI. Dolby Digital+ pass through to external decoder
Security Wide selection of DRM and Conditional Access support. HDCP on HDMI Macrovision on SD outputs (option) CGMS-A signalling pass through
Memory 128MB Flash, 256MB RAM
Front panel LEDsPower on /IR command received (Red)
Operating environmentETS 300-019-1-3 Class 3.1
EMC conformance FCC Part 15 class B. 2004/108/EC EN55022
Safety approvals CAN/ CSA-C22.2 No. 60950-1-03 EN60950
RoHS 2002-95-EC
WEEE 2002-96-EC
Operating temperature0°C (32°F) to 40°C (104°F)
Storage humidity5% to 95% RH (non-condensing)

Amino H140 Set Top Box IPTV Features Benefits
Can de-interlace content for progressive displayProvides high picture quality for LCD and Plasma TVs
High performance CPUProvides fast video processing
CEC over HDMIControl of the TV and STB using one remote
Small enclosureUnobtrusive in the guest room
Mini DIN, HDMI, USB, S/PDIF and RS232 connectorsProvides a selection of input/output connections
Software reset buttonProvides a method of software recovery in the field
Software functions controlled from browserAllows developers to create effective user interfaces via the Amino JMACX extensions
ADKs and SDKs availableProvides scope for further development of custom software applications
Accepts a multicast software imageEnables software upgrades to be deployed in the field
Security key signingProvides unique protection to each deployment


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Amino H140 IPTV Set Top Box

Amino H140 IPTV Set Top Box

Amino H140 IPTV Set Top Box in HD is a solution to view digital content for Internet TV and streaming via IP

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