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Encoder Video Mix SD 720p RapidCast

Video mix encoder SD is a powerful video capture, mixing and encoding solution all-in-one to manage your streaming video up to 720p.

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    Video mix encoder SD is the all-in-one streaming solution for capture, mixing and encodign video. The video mix encoder is able to handle video at up to 720p resolution.

    Main applications

    • conferences
    • churces
    • meetings
    • theaters
    • video calls between several company offices
    • big streaming events in SD

    The encoded video can be sent to a dedicated streaming server (wowza media server) or to the free platform like youtube, livestream web-based streaming service.

    Moreover the video stream can be sent to video conference application like skype.

    Video mix Encoder SD can capture and editing video on-the-fly.

    Key features

    1. 720p realtime multi-encoder
    2. Support for all the common streaming protocols , videoconference software and devices.
    3. Real-time streaming, recording and live output on maxi-screen
    4. Heterogeneous sources: HD-SDI camera, HDMI, USB camera, Analog camera, Firewire, files
    5. Real-time mixing with transition effects, chroma key, titling, virtual sets and image correction

    Video mix Encoder SD includes all the features of his HD version, like:

    • Software vMix to mix more inputs togheter
    • Adobe Live Media Encoder, Wirecast, Real Media Encoder, Windows Media Encoder, FFMPEG encoder software support
    • Pre-installed AAC codec for best compatibility with Iphone/iPad

    See all common features on Video mix encoder HD

    If you need further information please contact sales@interact.it or call +39-06-58318301 

    Video mix encoder HD Tech Spech

    Video Inputs


    • Up to 1/2 Analog/HDMI: 1+1 anlaog/HDMI - 2 Analog - 2 HDMI
    • Up to 4/8 HDMI: 4 HDMI - 8 HDMI
    • Up to 1/2 HD-SDI/HDMI: 1+1 HDSDI/HDMI - 2 HDSDI - 2 HDMI
    • 2-4-8 HDSDI: 2 HDSDI - 4 HDSDI - 8 HDSDI
    • Up to 2 Firewire inputs (depend from availability)
    • Up to 2 USB Cameras (depend from availability)
    • VGA-DVI: (depend from needs)
    Audio input
    • Mini jack not balanced
    • XLR Balanced Stereo
    • Audio Over HD-SDI/HDMI/USB/Ethernet stream/ File for each channel
    • External Multichannel Audio Card for multilanguage support (on request)
    Low latency outputHDMI, DVI, VGA
    Live HDSDI outputOpzionale
    Encoding Format
    • H.264
    • MPEG4, MPEG2
    • AVI
    • Silverlight
    Encoding resolutions
    • Any resolution up to 1280x720 (720p)
    • RapidCAST Encoder: Up to 6 indipendent encoders for both streaming and recording
    • Hardware based Encoder: Full-HD encoder fully compatible with Adobe Media Server and Wowza
    • FFMPEG/FMLE Up to one istance in 720p and 4 in D1
    • 1x 10 / 100 / 1000 Mbps Ethernet
    • 3G / 4G modem (on request)
    • Wi-Fi (on request)
    Hardware specifications
    • 64 bits Intel Core based machine
    • 64 GB SSD user partition (higher on request)
    • 1/2 TB storage 
    • 4 x USB 3 connectors, 4x USB 2 connectors
    • 55L x 48.5W x 17.5H cm
    • 10 kg
    • 4U 19” Rack Mount Unit
    • 220V/110V power input
    • 450 W (one encoder and one recorder) / 600W (peak)
    Monitor and configuration
    • Front Pannel LCD for monitoring and control
    • Web based configurator compatible with mobile devices
    • Programmable alarms
    Monitor24" included
    Operating SystemWindows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, smart TV, Linux
    Media server supportedFlash live video encoder, Silverlight, Wowza media system, youtube
    DVD/Bluray recordingYes

    Graphic features

    Multilingual support (FLV included)Mixing RealTime
    4 Overlay levels (VIDEO/TITLE)Chroma/Luma KEY
    Picture in picturePlayer 
    Color correction realtimeLogo Overlay
    Mixer audio

    Max number mixing channel:

    • 4 su 2 channel
    • 1000 > 2 channel
    Screen capture unlimitedCapture resolution 1920x1080


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    Encoder Video Mix SD 720p RapidCast

    Encoder Video Mix SD 720p RapidCast

    Video mix encoder SD is a powerful video capture, mixing and encoding solution all-in-one to manage your streaming video up to 720p.

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