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Encoder Video Mix HD 1080p RapidCast

Video mix encoder HD is a powerful video capture, mixing and encoding solution for your streaming video up to 1080p

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Video mix encoder HD is an all-in-one video capture, mixing and encoding solution for your streaming video. It allows you to manage up to 8 channel and it ables to handle video up to 1080p resolution.

Main applications

  • conferences
  • churces
  • meetings
  • theaters
  • video calls between several company offices
  • big streaming events

Video mix encoder HD can sent th stream to a dedicated streaming server or to the new free of charge Youtube live events service.

The video player could be then embedded in any website. Moreover, the captured and mixed video could be sent to any video call application, like Skype, Vidyo, and any other software which can capture video from a standard video interface.

Key features

  1. 1080p realtime multi-encoder
  2. Support for all the common streaming protocols , videoconference software and devices.
  3. Real-time streaming, recording and live output on maxi-screen
  4. Heterogeneous sources: HD-SDI camera, HDMI, USB camera, Analog camera, Firewire, files
  5. Real-time mixing with transition effects, chroma key, titling, virtual sets and image correction

Thanks to vMix software integrated you can mixing togheter up to 8 digital full-HD channel, however you have in a single solution preview monitors, mixer, multimedia player.

Video mix encoder HD supports: Adobe Live Media Encoder, Wirecast, Real Media Encoder, Windows Media Encoder, FFMPEG, etc.

Pre-installed AAC codec for best compatibility with Iphone/iPad, Scalable resolution and bitrate to fit at best with the available bandwidth of the internet connection.

The system has a Live Monitor to control the mixed video and a secondary monitor that could be used as a preview monitor or to drive external video projectors or LED maxi-screen or daisy-chained LCD/ LED screen.

Video mix encoder HD includes the automation system that ables to send remote commands both to cameras and to the mixer. The cameras rotate accordingly to the Automation system specification, for instance to focus on a particular speaker, while the video mixer is able to select the correct live camera in order to avoid the transmission of the annoying camera movement.

Video mix encoder HD for streaming video have the ability to be remotely controlled by a easy to use Web Configuration Interface. It is also compatible with modern Android and iOS smartphones. The Configuration Interface also offers the possibility to monitor, edit and control the encoders, edit the machine network configuration. Moreover, the machine status (CPU, Disk Space and Network bitrate) is shown in the bottom right part of the interface. The user is also able to setup alarms on various recording and streaming parameters, allowing an easy control when multiple encoding machine are configured.

If you need further information please contact sales@interact.it or call +39-06-58318301 

Video mix encoder HD Tech Spech

Video Inputs


  • Up to 1/2 Analog/HDMI: 1+1 anlaog/HDMI - 2 Analog - 2 HDMI
  • Up to 4/8 HDMI: 4 HDMI - 8 HDMI
  • Up to 1/2 HD-SDI/HDMI: 1+1 HDSDI/HDMI - 2 HDSDI - 2 HDMI
  • 2-4-8 HDSDI: 2 HDSDI - 4 HDSDI - 8 HDSDI
  • Up to 2 Firewire inputs (depend from availability)
  • Up to 2 USB Cameras (depend from availability)
  • VGA-DVI: (depend from needs)
Audio input
  • Mini jack not balanced
  • XLR Balanced Stereo
  • Audio Over HD-SDI/HDMI/USB/Ethernet stream/ File for each channel
  • External Multichannel Audio Card for multilanguage support (on request)
Low latency outputHDMI, DVI, VGA
Live HDSDI outputOpzionale
Encoding Format
  • H.264
  • MPEG4, MPEG2
  • AVI
  • Silverlight
Encoding resolutions
  • Any resolution up to Full-HD 1920x1080 (1080p)
  • RapidCAST Encoder: Up to 6 indipendent encoders for both streaming and recording
  • Hardware based Encoder: Full-HD encoder fully compatible with Adobe Media Server and Wowza
  • FFMPEG/FMLE Up to one istance in 1080p, 2 in 720p and 8 in D1
  • 2x 10 / 100 / 1000 Mbps Ethernet
  • 3G / 4G modem (on request)
  • Wi-Fi (on request)
Hardware specifications
  • 64 bits Intel Core based machine
  • 64 GB SSD user partition (higher on request)
  • 2/4 TB storage - RAID disks
  • 4 x USB 3 connectors, 4x USB 2 connectors
  • 55L x 48.5W x 17.5H cm
  • 10 kg
  • 4U 19” Rack Mount Unit
  • 220V/110V power input
  • 600 W (one encoder and one recorder) / 800W (peak)
Monitor and configuration
  • Front Pannel LCD for monitoring and control
  • Web based configurator compatible with mobile devices
  • Programmable alarms
Monitor24" included
Operating SystemWindows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, smart TV, Linux
Media server supportedFlash live video encoder, Silverlight, Wowza media system, youtube
DVD/Bluray recordingYes

Graphic features

Multilingual support (FLV included)Mixing RealTime
4 Overlay levels (VIDEO/TITLE)Chroma/Luma KEY
Picture in picturePlayer 
Color correction realtimeLogo Overlay
Mixer audioMax number mixing channel 1000
Screen capture unlimitedCapture resolution 1920x1080


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Encoder Video Mix HD 1080p RapidCast

Encoder Video Mix HD 1080p RapidCast

Video mix encoder HD is a powerful video capture, mixing and encoding solution for your streaming video up to 1080p

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