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Video Camera Manager


Video camera automation is an automated management system cameras with built-directed

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    Video camera automation is a system of automated video control rooms; It manages cameras with audio input microphone preset and connected.

    Video Camera Automation replaces the machinist, because thanks to the intelligent recognition allows streaming multi room automated, making the most of the functionality of the direction in the transition from one shot to another using the fade.

    The automation system manages a maximum of 10 microphones, but if connected in series can reach up to a maximum of 100 units mocrofono connected.

    Each microphone is connected to a video camera that is activated as soon as the PTZ Automation receives the trigger input of the audio / microphone. In addition, the automation software positions the mobile cameras only when they are not active for the direct, this avoids any noise due to the movement of the image.

    The system is connected to a PC equipped with a video capture card provides an interface that displays real-time audio meters for all channels and track a time / db of all microphones.

    The Video Camera Automation can be programmed to power-off that started manually by a button also placed away from the unit itself. Event management is controlled by a calendar that allows you to set both one-shot events that repetitive.

    The Video Camera Automation is ideal for streaming applications using PTZ cameras.

    If you need further information please contact or call +39-06-58318301

    Video Camera Automation Tech spec

    Hardware Specifications
    • 19” rack mount 2U case
    • 220V / 110V (on request)
    • 10 A interruptible load
    Analog Channels
    • 10 Female XLR Microphone Inputs
    • 10 Male XLR Mixer Outputs
    • 15V Selectable Microphone Phantom Power
    • Selectable Digital Gain for each channel
    Camera Compatibility
    • Panasonic Protocol
    • Sony broadcast PTZ cameras
    • Pelco P
    • Pelco D
    Connectivity10 / 100 Mbps Ethernet
    Configurable Parameters
    • Microphones Digital Gain
    • Audio Power Threshold
    • Minimum Time over Threshold for focus in
    • Minimum Time under Threshold for focus out
    • Transition Speed
    • Camera movement waiting time
    • Camera transition effects
    • Wideangle camera randomly selectable (when
    • more than 2 cameras are installed)


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    Video Camera Manager

    Video Camera Manager

    Video camera automation is an automated management system cameras with built-directed

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