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Diretta Streaming video SDI


Live video streaming solution up to 4 SDI cameras 

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Bundle pack to achieve a solution sreaming video using up to 4 video sources up to 4 SDI cameras. The video streaming solution proposed in bundle allows you to manage the video stream in mobility using the video encoder Teradek Cube.

The encoder cube produces a video stream in H.264 compatible with any media server; our solution includes a media server license Wowza streamin engine.

Wowza media server can be configured according to the needs of both logistics such as number of concurrent users and duration and technique specifications such as bandwidth availability and management of flows multibitrate.

To make the video accessible on all devices with the ability to embed on any web platform as you would with Youtube, Vimeo streaming, our bundle includes a license JWplayer that also allows statics monitoring.

The solution for live video streaming is certified by Interact, used to handle various events such as meetings or outdoor concerts.

The bundle for streaming video SDI pack is ideal for those who need a permanent infrastructure to manage more events even in mobility; Interact provides solutions for video rental service or accomplishments infrastructure specifically for video streaming live events for individual or special needs.

For more information on the bundle for streaming video with a camera SDI contact our experts by writing to sales@interact.it or calling to 06 58318301.

streaming video sdi 1 camera

streaming video pack SDI 2 cameras

streaming video sdi pack 4 cameras


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Diretta Streaming video SDI

Diretta Streaming video SDI

Live video streaming solution up to 4 SDI cameras 

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