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Ultimatte 11


Ultimatte 11 HD/SD is the next generation, multi-definition, blue/green screen, compositing device for HD and SD.

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Ultimatte is The global leader in imaging technology on green screen and blue screen for the television, film and commercial industry. 

The Ultimatte 11 HD/SD is the next generation, multi-definition, blue/green screen, compositing device. If your studio is set up for HD or SD, or you are planning to change from SD to HD, the Ultimatte 11 HD/SD is the perfect real-time compositing device at the right price. The Ultimatte 11 HD/SD has been designed to address the needs of virtual studios.

With enhanced Matte controls, streamlined Ambiance controls, in addition to complete FG and BG RGB color controls, the Ultimatte 11 HD/SD “places” the FG subject in the new environment in a very natural and realistic way.

Ultimatte 11 Key features:

  1. Multi-Definition: The Ultimatte 11 operates with SD and HD 4:2:2 formats. The unit is automatically configured to the format of the signal connected to Input 1. (You cannot, however, mix HD and SD signals.)
  2. Enhanced Matte Controls: The Ultimatte 11 incorporates modified matte algorithms to extend the ability of accurately separating the FG subject from the backing. Matte
  3. Correction and Sizing: In addition to standard Matte Sizing, the Ultimatte 11 incorporatesMatte Correction, which analyzes all matte transitions, and applies the appropriate amount of correction to the transitions which need modification.
  4. Ambiance: With Indirect and Direct lighting features, the Ambiance controls in the Ultimatte 11 allow the “lighting” and the colors of the new background to have a subtle or a strong impact on the brightness and colors of the FG subject. Ambiance allows the FG subject to be more naturally and realistically placed in its new environment.
  5. Four-Input Router: The Ultimatte 11 has four inputs with active loop outputs. The user can assign which of these inputs to be the Foreground, the Background or the external Matte. Dual External Mattes The Ultimatte 11 allows the user to input two external Mattes (4:0:0) simultaneously, and assign how each of these mattes will be used. One external Matte could be used as a garbage matte (force BG), while the second external Matte could be used as a holdout matte (force FG). Alternately, both external Mattes can be multiplexed into one signal (4:4), thus utilizing the full bandwidth of the SDI signal.
  6. Monitor Output: In addition to the two FG+BG outputs and the Matte output, the Ultimatte 11 has a Monitor output. This output allows the user to view different stages of the compositing process [FG+BG, FG, BG, Combined Matte, Internal Matte, PRFG (processed FG)] without changing the viewed images on the FG+BG and the Matte outputs. The Monitor output can also be used as a “talent monitor” output, where the viewed image can be mirrored (horizontally) to allow the talent to interact with the new background in a more “natural” way.
  7. Additional Specifications: All internal processing: 4:4:4:4 (Setup) Files: 90 files (User) Preferences: 20 files Custom Menus: 4 menus per Preference file Quick Save / Recall Files: 5 files


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Ultimatte 11

Ultimatte 11

Ultimatte 11 HD/SD is the next generation, multi-definition, blue/green screen, compositing device for HD and SD.

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