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Blackmagic Design Fusion 7 Studio 2D/3D Compositing software


Blackmagic Design Fusion 7 the most advanced visual effects and motion graphics software

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Blackmagic Design Fusion 7 is the professional software ideal for visual effects artists, broadcast and motion graphic designers and 3D animators. Fusion 7 features an easy and powerful node based interface so you can construct complex effects simply by connecting various types of processing together. You get a massive range of features and effects included, so you can create exciting broadcast graphics, television commercials, dramatic title sequences and even major feature film visual effects.

Blackmagic Design Fusion 7 key features:

Compositing, Animation and 3D: Fusion includes all of the tools you need to create spectacular visual effects and advanced 3D motion graphics. Fusion’s true 3D compositing environment lets you combine live action, 3D models, cameras, lights, 3D particles, volumetric effects and powerful image processing tools, all within a single application


  • Flow Graph: Fusion’s flow graph interface makes it easy to build your effects, you don’t need to get lost in nested layers or pre-composed timeline tracks.
  • Multiple 3D Viewers: until to quad split display to view different 3D angles. You can overlay a histogram, view different channels or even view a shot in Stereo 3D.
  • Time line editor
  • Spreedsheet editor
  • Spline editor

3D compositing:

  • 3D workspace: ideal to combine live action footage, 3D models, virtual cameras
  • Multichannel workflow: Import Open EXR files containing multiple 3D render
  • Deep Pixel Compositing: both RGB color and XYZ position information in each pixel when using OpenEXR files so you can blend 2D images with 3D elements like volumetric fog and lights with interactive control
  • 3D geometry import: Import FBX scenes to use 3D models from Maya, 3ds Max, Cinema4D texture and materials: Create surface properties to give 3D geometry. Apply image files, procedural graphics or even video clips as textures to your 3D models.
  • Environment maps: Perfect for glass refraction effects

2D compositing tools

  • Keying and Mattes
  • Blend Modes
  • Tracking
  • Time remapping
  • Color management

Stereoscopic Workflow

  • Stereoscopic production
  • Stereo 3D disparity tools
  • Optical flow

Filter and effects

  • Particles: Simulate realistic snow, rain and smoke or create explosive 3D motion graphics that sparkle and glow
  • Blurs and Grows
  • Color Correction
  • Transforms and warping


  • 2D/3D text
  • 3D geometry
  • Replicate 3D
  • Vector paint
  • Procedural Creators

Blackmagic Design Fusion 7 studio offer the best performance quality:

GPU accelration: you can work interactively on 3D composites with millions of polygons, volumetric atmospherics, and 3D particle systems

Quality resolution: the highest possible quality using 32-bit float processing for high dynamic range imagery and transform concatenation, so there’s no degradation at any stage

Distributed rendering: Place the Fusion Studio render engine on as many workstations and servers as you want and use them all to render a job faster.

Visit BlackmagicDesign.it and the section dedicated to video tutorials on new Fusion 7 Studio


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Blackmagic Design Fusion 7 Studio 2D/3D Compositing software

Blackmagic Design Fusion 7 Studio 2D/3D Compositing software

Blackmagic Design Fusion 7 the most advanced visual effects and motion graphics software

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